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Embedded generation tariff charges

We have a selection of tariffs that are applicable depending on your type of small-scale embedded generation (SSEG) installation. The following embedded generation tariff charges apply for your specific connection:
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Grid-tied generation with no exported energy:
          You must be on a time-of-use (TOU) tariff or convert to the relevant TOU tariff when installing your small-scale embedded generation.
Applicable tariffs for the electricity load are:
          For Rural - Ruraflex or Ruraflex-Gen tariff
          For Urban – Miniflex, Megaflex-Gen tariff (>22 kVA connection) or Homeflex4
Consumption is charged using different charges for different TOU periods. Where a change of tariff is required, a new supply agreement will also be needed. This is in addition to the connection and use-of-system agreement for the new point of connection.
Grid-tied generation with exported energy:
          The exact same embedded generation tariff charges and requirements apply as listed above for “grid-tied generation, with no exported energy”
          In addition, tariffs for exported energy include Gen DUoS, Megaflex Gen or Ruraflex Gen

Compensation for energy exported to the grid:
          If you export energy into the grid which is not wheeled* (transported) to another Eskom customer, then we will credit you for this energy at the Gen-offset tariff. An amendment to the electricity supply agreement is required to stipulate this offset credit.
          If there is exported energy into the grid and this energy is wheeled* to another Eskom customer (the off-taker), then we will credit the off-taker at the Gen-wheeling tariff. An amendment to the electricity supply agreement is also required to outline this wheeled* credit.
          All of the above is subject to either licensing or registration, or exemption from registration with NERSA.
          All of the above is billed on a monthly basis.
          Subject to the Eskom Energy Banking policy, we may also allow banking (carry-over of energy produced but not consumed to the next month) by the user/buyer of the energy when there is an offset or wheeling transaction.
* Wheeling is not available for generators connected at low voltage
For customers on a pre-paid supply
Our prepaid meters and metering systems are not currently able to calculate TOU and total exported energy. You will have to convert to billed metering with the appropriate TOU tariff if you are currently on a pre-payment meter.
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